Rebirth of the Gangster Act 1: Meet the Family

CJ Standal
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The Anderson and Thompson family share a dark past, but their sons Marcus and Hunter don't know it...yet.

As the past comes to light--including the answers to a decades-old murder--an intricate revenge scheme forms, involving six people belonging to, or affected by, the families.

Each chapter follows one of these six people, searching for their pieces to the puzzle.

Marcus--a man struggling against the reins of his job and his family.

Hunter--a man fighting for his mom's life and for revenge.

Lorena--an old friend of Hunter's, now a cop, trying to balance her own life with the job.

Andrea--Marcus's mom, missing her old life, one of secrets and action.

Linda--Hunter's mom, dealing with cancer, addiction, and a past deal with the devil.

Dennis--Hunter's friend, just out of prison, trying to put that life behind him.

These six people, seeming strangers to each other, find themselves sucked into a revenge scheme that will take some of their lives and all of their innocence.

Find out who's a casualty in the criminal masterpiece (collecting issues 1-6) that is perfect for fans of Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Sopranos, and 100 Bullets!

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  • Get the critically acclaimed graphic novel!

  • Get the critically acclaimed graphic novel!
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Rebirth of the Gangster Act 1: Meet the Family

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